Tonari no Seki-kun Review


Man am I going to miss this show. It’s just so amazing. The characters are obviously the best thing about this show (minus Goto for the most part), but what else? The humor, that’s what. It doesn’t really rely much on the animation (which is good because the animation itself is sort of iffy); it relies more on who else- the characters, of course.

“I bet it’s repetitive, isn’t it?”

Actually, no. Sometimes, Rumi gets the comeuppance, but some other times it’s Seki-kun who get the comeuppance. Unlike shows like again, Watamote and Miss Monochrome, it keeps the reactions and the comeuppances varied. That’s the charm of this show.

Another great thing about this show that Seki-kun never talks, which makes the actions, reactions, and comeuppances funnier since it’s proving that actions do speak louder than words in most cases (coughTomandJerrycough). In fact, the entire anime is focused on Rumi’s point of view, and since she exaggerates pretty much everything with her wild imagination, that makes it funnier.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: read my mid-impression, then go read this guy’s post about the show. Either way, it’s a 95/A from me.


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