Aldnoah.Zero: First Impression

Well damn. This actually kind of exceeded my expectations a little.

The animation, though not the best, is still pretty good, the concept is amazing and is executed well, the voice acting could use some work, but it’s okay, I really love that Kalafina song, the Martians are pretty damn interesting, and I do like how they flat out say that this anime takes place in 2014 so that it at least kind of has an excuse to be a little dated.

The only bad thing I really think of are the human characters. That and that it takes place in Japan, which is getting old, but let’s get back to the humans.

Inko, Calm (Oh my God. Seriously?), Nina, and Okisuke are (for now) just there to be there, Yuki (the protagonist’s sister) and Lieut. Marito are interesting enough, and the other characters that I didn’t mention are just there as well (except the ones that weren’t in the first episode).

And then there’s Inaho. Sweet Jesus is he boring! And I personally think that the voice actor’s not helping at all. Hell, I think that it’s kind of the voice actor’s fault for making this character such a bore. The sad part about it is that he’s the protagonist! Protagonists shouldn’t be boring! They should be interesting!

Other than that complaint file, I really like this show so far. I’m just hoping the protagonist gets more interesting as the show goes on.


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