Ao Haru Ride: First Impression

I’m not a big fan of shoujo manga since they tend to be clichéd, but when I sat down and watched this series, I was honestly surprised.

First off, the animation is pretty fluid and unique (considering the fact that Production I.G. is producing this). The artwork I’m not a big fan of, but when the comedy is there, it’s suddenly amazing.

I love this. I wish I could see more comedic faces like this, but I’m getting my hopes too high on this one.

The background fits the tone of the adaptation and looks very pretty. But the overall best part about the show is the fact that the main characters are actually believable.

…for the most part. Yeah, it still has its stupid moments.

And considering the shit I’ve been through yesterday, that’s saying a lot.

Overall, I think this is going off to a great start. I’m definitely sticking around for the second episode.


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