DRAMAtical Murder: First Impression

Well, this was certainly a pain to go through.

What are the good things before I go into the bad?

I’ve got nothing. Let’s get the bad shit out of the way.

First off, the animation, while decent, is really nothing special. The voice acting, while decent as well, seem limited and well… stale. The story makes some sense, but then there these pointless scenes like the protagonist, Aoba, going to his grandmother’s house, and then it cuts to another pointless scene with another main character, Mizuki, doing something that was so pointless that I couldn’t remember it. The characters seem really bland and one of them looks like Piko.

But none of those compare to the biggest problem I have with this show.

The opening theme song.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT was this ear rape, ear sodomy, ear AIDS, and ear gonorrhea at the same time! I was actually wondering who in the living hell was singing this shit! Either way, it’s definitely on the worst anime opening and ending songs list!

So, now that that’s out of the way, what do I think about this show?

Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to hate this show as much as Free!, but nothing really set my hate meter off.

Either way, onto the next episode.


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