Denki-Gai: First Impression

These characters are supposed to be above fifteen, right?

So yeah, Denki-Gai, the show that I’m only watching because of the Mitsudomoe art style. What do I think about it?

It’s very moe, like Mitsudomoe.

It has a lot of perverted jokes (especially in the first act) like Mitsudomoe.

Actually, I’m going to call it Mitsudomoe 2.0. Now let’s get to the actual reason why some lonely fucker is reading this.

Well, the characters are… the characters? Okay, so I don’t actually like the characters’ humor that much.

“But I thought that you liked Mitsudomoe! And a lot of people like South Park!”

1: I don’t remember saying that I like Mitsudomoe (though I won’t deny that I do).

2: The reason why I don’t think that Denki-Gai’s perverted humor doesn’t work but Mitsudomoe’s does is because with perverted humor, it should be as dirty and perverted as possible. Plus, Mitsudomoe’s characters are like 97% sixth graders, so of course it’s to expected that they’re going to make those kinds of jokes.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me say some nice things about Denki-Gai.

I sure do like the opening theme song, and the opening visuals are pretty damn good as well, though I will ask why the apples were there. Also, the animation is nice and fluid.

But overall, I might drop this show at maybe episode six or seven. Will I give it another chance? Sure, why not?


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