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Benefits of bullying? Nope.

THANK YOU!!! I am autistic, and I have been getting bullied ever since I have started my school career. People today just don’t wanna do shit about bullying.

The Caffeinated Autistic

Today, a fellow autistic person noticed an article published on the Autism Daily Newscast’s website and shared on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook. It is this article (no fear, the link directs you to the do not link page for the article). Please note that there is a huge warning for the entire article with regard to bullying and abuse and abuse apologism and victim blaming and every horrible thing you can think of.

I clicked on the article and knew when I started reading that the author was beyond a shadow of a doubt the same one I’d interacted with about a month ago on Twitter when the same publication (Autism Daily Newscast) published another horrible piece about forced eye contact. I didn’t even have to scroll to the bottom to know that I was correct.



Oh and she also said this, too.



Her article is on the benefits of bullying and I…

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Confession Time Again~!

God Eater looks SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I actually plan on watching it.

I hope the actual anime is as good as the PRETTY VISUALS!!!