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Miss Monochrome 2: First Impressions

miss monochrome

Hi, Miss Monochrome. Fancy you being here with a second season. Guess what? You’re still boring as fuck. You also have a long ass intro that takes up a minute and a long ass ending that takes up a-minute-and-a-half, but they’re pretty great songs so I’m not counting points off.

Wait a minute…


Also, where’s Mana?


First Impressions or Some Shit

Damn has it been a long time since I’ve talked about any anime! I apologize for this, so bear with me here.

  • 1: Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

A lot of people, especially Tumblr fucks, hate this show with a passion. However, I’m gonna have to disagree a little bit. Is it unfunny? Most of the time, yes. Is it bland? Yeah, especially the villains. Is it misogyny? No. I’ll show this confession right here.

For so long, men being feminine was seen as weak, cowardly, and other synonyms that I couldn’t think of at the top of my head. Hell, it’s still seen by a lot as weak. In a way, I kind of respect this show for showing men that it’s okay to show your feminine side, and hey! At least they kick some actual ass.

That being said, that doesn’t mean I like it. I just think it’s okay.

maria the problem witch 001

  • 2: Maria the Virgin Witch

This! This picture sums up the biggest problem with this anime in a nutshell! I hate this show. I hate every single fucking thing about this show. This may be one of the worst shows I have ever seen. It sure as fuck is Ultimate Shit for 2015! The main protagonist is a fucking bitch, and all the other characters are boring. It is too preachy for its own good, and it is a slap in the face to historical fiction! I damn well knew that the British and the French weren’t gonna stop fighting because some bratty 12-year-old witch uses her fucking magic to ruin shit.

I’m gonna go out of control if I say anymore. If you wanna know everything about my opinion of this show, read this.

  • 3: Assassination Classroom

I have the first manga volume at home, and the anime adaptation is just as amazing as the manga. I especially love Koro-sensei. He is so much fun to watch! Actually, the whole thing is so much fun to watch, especially the assassination scenes. Besides that, Koro-sensei is such an understanding teacher who is really awesome. He makes the classroom look like fun to be in. Yes, despite the fact that the entire class has to murder someone, it is a fun class to be in. If nothing better comes up, then this is definitely Ultimate Platinum.

Oh by the way, Nagisa looks like Vocaloid V Flower.

  • 4: Yuri Kuma Arashi

This is an interesting one. The best part is easily the character design. I like this art style. It kind of reminds me of Sally the Witch in a nostalgic way. Besides that, the story is very compelling, and the two bear characters Ginko and Lulu are pretty funny to watch. On the surface, it may seem like a pointless fanservice show, but it’s actually much deeper than that. I say give it a go.

  • 5: Food Wars

The animation is gorgeous, the food looks very delicious, and HOLY SHIT A CHALLENGE!


I’m being serious. The main protagonist and most of the characters in general (especially Erina) are giant assholes! But that’s not the biggest problem. The fanservice is.

I have never seen so much unnecessary fanservice in my entire life. I understand why they do it (to show how good the food is), but God damn! Couldn’t they come up with a less disgusting way of showing how good the food is?!

So yeah, I don’t like this show.

  • 6: Wish Upon the Pleiades


That asides, is this show boring? Yeah… kind of. Well, at least the main protagonist is. You all know (at least some should) how much I hate boring protagonists. However, the other characters are interesting except Aoi, Subaru’s best friend. And the concept is pretty damn original. They have this president, and the girls have to find the pieces of his ship. However, it’s executed like a generic magical show. Overall, this show is kind of boring.

>inb4 sex joke w/ lesbians

  • 7: The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

As a Haruhi fan who has watched the original anime and the comedy spin-off, I’m confused. This doesn’t really feel like a Haruhi product.


I know, but something about it just doesn’t have that special Haruhi vibe. The continuity is great, but Yuki just feels off. In fact, a lot of the characters feel off except for Kyon and Mikuru. I get that this spin-off wanted to give Yuki more emotions and more of a personality than just an emotionless alien. That would’ve been great, but the way this show does it makes Yuki oddly out of character. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya did this idea better while making the characters, well, in character.

But hey, props to Sagelight and Funimation for getting the original voice actors!

  • 8: Teekyuu 4 and the Nasuno spin-off

It’s like the other Teekyuu shit. Moving on.

  • 9: Mikagura School Suite

Heads up! I prefer the anime design over the original!

Holy shit! An anime based off of a series of Vocaloid songs, and it doesn’t suck?! Holy shit! Is that even possible?!

Actually, it’s pretty damn good. Erina, the main protagonist and not the other Erina that I hate, reminds me of PepperAnn in which she’s arrogant, cocky, and thinks she’s the greatest, yet she gets consequences for it. Also, she’s gay. Seriously, raise your hand if you didn’t think that Erina is gay.

See? No one.


  • 10: Show By Rock!!


In fact, the CGI isn’t only not shit, but it’s great! In fact, the animation in general is great! In fact, the show is great! I honestly didn’t expect for this anime to be as great as I thought it would be, but I am thankful. This is definitely the greatest surprise I’ve ever received. The characters, while one-trick ponies, do occasionally slip out of it.


I’m so sorry. It’s just so rare in anime. Speaking of rare- arrogant asshole characters who are still likable, aka


The trick here is that when an asshole character is being an asshole, you give them consequences, and don’t take their asshole behavior too far!

So yeah. Most of you are expecting me to say that 2015 so far is shit, but honestly, I think it’s going pretty well. Hopefully, summer and fall won’t fuck things up for me.

Cute High Earth Defense Club: First Impressions

Boy was this an experience…

I was expecting to fucking hate this thing, but somehow… I actually kind of enjoyed it…

You may be asking yourself, “What the fuck just happened?” Well, I’m here to explain it the best way I can.

Once upon a time in a bathhouse two characters named Atsushi and En- okay, hold the fuck up!

I’m just gonna go ahead and change the names because I damn well know I’m not going to be able to remember this shit. In fact, I’m just go on ahead and change all the names.

 This is Megpoid IA.

 This is Shounen-tan.

 This is Better Than Rei.

 This is Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero.

 This is Hebephilia Fetish.

 This is Winnie the Piglet.

Got that? Good.

Once upon a time in a bathhouse two characters named Better Than Rei and Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero were relaxing in a bathtub just talking about food or some shit. Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero said that he doesn’t like chikuwabu. Better Than Rei and Slaine from Aldnoah.Zero talk for another while, and then some weird pink shit comes right the fuck out of nowhere. It turns out to be Winnie the Piglet. He tries to explains that they’re to become magical boys, but luckily our two human cis scums won’t take shit. Hebephilia Fetish comes in to tell Rei and Slaine to stop wrestling in the bathtub when he notices Winnie the Piglet. Then he gets a boner and starts molesting the damn thing because all men are rapists.

The next day, we get a look at our Today Villain, an average in between cis scum. He’s moping about out he’s average and no one would have sex with him. Then we go to our heroes’ classroom where we meet the teacher. The twist is that Winnie is controlling the teacher. After Winnie spots Rei and Slaine, he starts stalking them, chasing them all the way to the club where we meet Megpoid IA and Shounen-tan. When Winnie catches up with them, he tells them about becoming magical boys. And then…


And we transform!

And we fight, and-

Best part of the episode obviously!

Once they get used to being in magical boy clothes, they start KICKING ASS!

See, Sailor Moon? This is how you do.

So yeah, I like this show.

Don’t worry, Slaine. At least you look more appealing than AKB48.

Denki-Gai: First Impression

These characters are supposed to be above fifteen, right?

So yeah, Denki-Gai, the show that I’m only watching because of the Mitsudomoe art style. What do I think about it?

It’s very moe, like Mitsudomoe.

It has a lot of perverted jokes (especially in the first act) like Mitsudomoe.

Actually, I’m going to call it Mitsudomoe 2.0. Now let’s get to the actual reason why some lonely fucker is reading this.

Well, the characters are… the characters? Okay, so I don’t actually like the characters’ humor that much.

“But I thought that you liked Mitsudomoe! And a lot of people like South Park!”

1: I don’t remember saying that I like Mitsudomoe (though I won’t deny that I do).

2: The reason why I don’t think that Denki-Gai’s perverted humor doesn’t work but Mitsudomoe’s does is because with perverted humor, it should be as dirty and perverted as possible. Plus, Mitsudomoe’s characters are like 97% sixth graders, so of course it’s to expected that they’re going to make those kinds of jokes.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me say some nice things about Denki-Gai.

I sure do like the opening theme song, and the opening visuals are pretty damn good as well, though I will ask why the apples were there. Also, the animation is nice and fluid.

But overall, I might drop this show at maybe episode six or seven. Will I give it another chance? Sure, why not?

Akame ga Kill!: First Impression

There was so much blood in this show, I couldn't show any scene.

There was so much blood in this show, I couldn’t show any scene.

Well, now I know who’s going to win the Tryhard Award this year.

Sweet Jesus was this painful to sit through, and I mean fucking painful! The characters are either one-dimensional or assholes, and I don’t fucking care about them The animation, whild okay, isn’t White Fox’s best, nothing seems to happen until the end, and my fucking God, the humor. Not only is it unfunny, it gets in the way of the most serious moments of the anime.

Overall, fuck this show. The only reason I’m not dropping this show is because I like torturing myself. This is actually depressing since the opening theme song is actually not that bad. Hell, it’s pretty damn good.

I just… I don’t know anymore…

DRAMAtical Murder: First Impression

Well, this was certainly a pain to go through.

What are the good things before I go into the bad?

I’ve got nothing. Let’s get the bad shit out of the way.

First off, the animation, while decent, is really nothing special. The voice acting, while decent as well, seem limited and well… stale. The story makes some sense, but then there these pointless scenes like the protagonist, Aoba, going to his grandmother’s house, and then it cuts to another pointless scene with another main character, Mizuki, doing something that was so pointless that I couldn’t remember it. The characters seem really bland and one of them looks like Piko.

But none of those compare to the biggest problem I have with this show.

The opening theme song.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT was this ear rape, ear sodomy, ear AIDS, and ear gonorrhea at the same time! I was actually wondering who in the living hell was singing this shit! Either way, it’s definitely on the worst anime opening and ending songs list!

So, now that that’s out of the way, what do I think about this show?

Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to hate this show as much as Free!, but nothing really set my hate meter off.

Either way, onto the next episode.

Ao Haru Ride: First Impression

I’m not a big fan of shoujo manga since they tend to be clichéd, but when I sat down and watched this series, I was honestly surprised.

First off, the animation is pretty fluid and unique (considering the fact that Production I.G. is producing this). The artwork I’m not a big fan of, but when the comedy is there, it’s suddenly amazing.

I love this. I wish I could see more comedic faces like this, but I’m getting my hopes too high on this one.

The background fits the tone of the adaptation and looks very pretty. But the overall best part about the show is the fact that the main characters are actually believable.

…for the most part. Yeah, it still has its stupid moments.

And considering the shit I’ve been through yesterday, that’s saying a lot.

Overall, I think this is going off to a great start. I’m definitely sticking around for the second episode.