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This happens…

This happens…

And this person tries to silence it…

updates in the span of a month is like a spam

Let me tell you a thing, missy.

People have a right to state a negative opinion!


Stop fucking silencing people for not having the same opinion as you!


Why Whiny Third Graders Shouldn’t be on DeviantArt

Why Whiny Third Graders Shouldn’t be on DeviantArt

I’ve already called them out on Tumblr, but it’s been like almost three months, and still they haven’t learned anything. Actually, I think they got more immature. Look at their account, and you’ll see why whiny little third graders shouldn’t be on DeviantArt, let alone the internet.

The Fuck is This Shit?

The Fuck is This Shit?

You see this shit?
Yeah, this is downright CYBERBULLYING!

Just because an OBVIOUS FUCKING TROLL distributed some pretty models does NOT, NOT, NOT give you the right to make a hate website against this person, even if the person wants a reaction (which this person successfully did).

And OH HEY LOOK! This person is against art theft, but guess what this fucker stole? A fucking MMDerProblems post without their permission.