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Let’s Review a Fanime: Quest to Save Gumi

“Shouldn’t this be on your MMD account?”

Yes, but this a reviewing account primarily, so it counts. Don’t worry; I’ll reblog this review to it.

Anyways, let’s review Quest to Save Gumi!

First, I want to say that the animation in the series is beautiful! I mean, gorgeous! The best MMD animation I’ve seen in a long time! I am certainly not joking about it!

However, just because a show has great visuals doesn’t mean that it’s automatically great *coughKyoAnicough*. And that’s where the problems begin.

The characters are extremely one-dimensional and have no depth to them. Especially the villains. In fact, the creator of this series, dEBUG, never really reveals why the villains want to kidnap Gumi, the title character. Maybe they’ll explain later on, but it still kind of baffles me. The dialogue is also painful to read as well, but hey! That’s what you get when you have bland, one-dimensional characters. The pacing’s okay, I do have to admit. But the biggest problem of this show is the opening sequence.

My God. If I were as sensitive as the average Tumblr user, I’d call the opening sequence disrespectful to the show’s concept. Actually, fuck it. I’m just going to say it publicly:


I mean, damn! Way to shit on your own show, douche. It doesn’t fit, it hasn’t fit, and it will NEVER fit. It’s way too happy and upbeat for the dark and serious tone the show displays. If you want an upbeat opening sequence that fits the show’s concept and tone, watch Sonic SatAM and then come back to talk to me. Or hell, why not just use the ending sequence as the opening sequence? It fits with the show damn fine.

Overall, I give this a 60/D.



Yet Another Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

I just finished episode six of Pupipo!, and oh my God! It was the most boring, most unbearable episode yet! Az is so fucking annoying I just want to strangle that little bitch. And of course, Po isn’t helping at all (I can even argue that it’s making the anime more unbearable.). Wakaba is soooooooooooooooooooo boring that it hurts. I’ll say again like I said it with Free! and Miss Monochrome.

If your main protagonist is boring as shit, then automatically, your anime falls flat on its face.

Oh yeah, did I mention at the end, there was an unnecessary love thing going on between two extras that had nothing to do with the main cast? Yeah, because I totally give a shit about those two.

Fuck it, I’m pretty much done here.

Yours Truly,


Pupa: Episode Two Thoughts (Also, There’s Some Wooser in There as Well)


Opening and ending that take up 1/4 of the anime, Onii-chan finds Imouto as a monster eating people. He ignores that and loves her like she’s done nothing. Dammit, when’re we getting to the sole reason why I wanted to watch this again?! Fuck it, I’m done. Let’s watch Magical Warfare. At least that anime has a cool anime ending song.

As for Wooser… he lost some charm, but he’s still cool.

The End.

Tonari no Seki-kun: Episode Two Thoughts


If you read my first impression of Tonari no Seki-kun, then you’d think I was dropping this, or keeping this.










It’s the latter because man, this was a lot funnier than the first episode! What happened that made finally like this show all of a sudden?

Nothing much. Just Seki-kun playing shogi, and Yokoi fucking it up by throwing her eraser at the Gold General piece. But it was the imagination of Yokoi’s and the comedic timing that made this episode work so well. Never have I laughed so hard in my life!

Tonari no Seki-kun, you’re here to stay.

Let’s Review Fanime! Chapter One

Yeah… I’m back.

Yeah… I’m reviewing.

And yeah, I’m thinking about dropping Miss Monochrome. But that’s not the topic here. We’re talking about Insanity: the Fanime.

Gee, I wonder where the creator got the title from…

Before we get to the shitty parts, let’s get to the good parts, the parts that you all hate because 99.99% of you assholes followed me to see me throw a temper tantrum over an anime. The animation’s pretty good, and the voice-acting is decent for the most part (the main character monotone).

Fortunately, I can’t say any positive points for the rest of it. Mainly the story. I know it’s the first part of the first episode, but the story is just flat out confusing, and the creator doesn’t really explain it well either. So it’s about this girl, and there’s a glass that’s separating her, and she has magical powers, and…. that’s all I know.

Another thing about the story is that at the end of that video at the top of this review, the story goes too fast. Like first, it was going at a okay pace, and then BAM! Break the glass and that’s it.


Another problem is the main character, Sadako. I don’t know if people would shit on me, but I think that this girl is a Mary-Sue. I mean, she’s got powers, a bad back-story, she’s beautiful, the works. This is one of my main problems with this fanime.

Another problem seems to be the people that “bully” the protagonist. There’s no real reason behind it.

And then… the biggest problem. It’s boring. There’s nothing that’s really memorable about it.

Overall, this is pretty bad fanime so far. I give a 40/F.


Anime Fray Round One: Non Non Biyori #7 VS Miss Monochrome #8



I’m your host, SomeBitchyPikoFan. Let’s start by today’s competito- oh fuck it, you know who just by reading the title.

Part One: Story

Non Non Biyori starts off with the second semester with bunnies and candy stores while Miss Monochrome does the same old same old again.

Point goes to Non Non Biyori!


Part Two: Characters

Renge is smarter than we give credit for. She’s very imaginative and loves to play with her friends. However, Miss Monochrome has quite the personality for an android. She’s determined and will try anything to get some of that attention. She’s very jealous of idols such as Kikuko and is very, very desperate. While Renge is a small child, Miss Monochrome has a little bit more personality.

Point goes to Miss Monochrome!


Part Three: Comedy

Both series are known as comedies. But which one is funnier? Non Non Biyori brought some multiple jokes from Renge’s Ne-Ne being late until she arrived at lunch to the rabbit scenario to the Candy Store scene. But Miss Monochrome just keeps milking the same joke over and over and over and over and over and over and  over and over and over and over and over and over and- GOOD FUCKING LORD! DO SOMETHING ELSE!

Point goes to Non Non Biyori!


Part Four: Animation

Non Non Biyori and Miss Monochrome both have good animation and styles. However, Miss Monochrome seems to try a little too hard to be cute, though ironically Non Non Biyori is a slice of life anime that’s supposed to be cute…

Point goes to Non Non Biyori!



Non Non Biyori’s atmosphere makes the show very enjoyable with lovable characters and some cute moments. Miss Monochrome, while having good animation and a great ending song, sadly is repetitive and boring.










This is SomeBitchyPikoFan here, and… fuck! What was I going to say again?!

Oh well, Nagi no Asukara vs Galilei Donna!


Gingitsune: Episode Seven Thoughts


Fuck, this again? I already have enough problems with the characters in the show, why do I need more?

Okay, so what pissed me off this time?

It starts off with Yumi’s boyfriend calling for Mi-chan, the cat from the first episode. A monk tries to run away to home because apparently ghosts are running the place. Later that day, Makoto, Gin, Haru, and Satoru, go to the temple to investigate when Makoto sees two monkey heralds making pranks on the people and Haru. And I swear, they have the most annoying voices ever.

Because apparently, Haru wasn’t enough.

So Gin tries to get these two little shits to shut the fuck and stop pranking, but that fails. After that, Makoto asks why they’re always pranking people since they’re hurting people. Are you ready for this?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11…

They just want to cheer people up during mourning times.

Okay, what the fuck? The main reason why people go to temples, from my inference, is to MOURN THE FUCKING DEAD. I highly doubt that trying to cheer those people up will actually cheer them up. You know, because THESE PEOPLE ARE MOURNING THE DEAD AND WOULD NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED WHILE MOURNING!

So Makoto tells them that pranking the people at the temple is not going to cheer them up, but instead, helping is the answer. So the monkeys learn their lesson, and stop pranking.

What a fucking understatement.  Sometimes, I feel like dropping this anime. This is one of those times. But other times, I don’t want to drop this.