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Vocaloids that Most Tumblr Vocaloid fans know (in order)

  1. Len

  2. Miku

  3. Gumi

  4. Luka

  5. Rin

  6. IA

  7. and occasionally Mayu/Piko/Yukari


It’s like the YouTube fandom all over again.


Ki/oon Music Inc. vs Utatane Piko

stupidity 073

stupidity 074

stupidity 075

To anyone who is saying that Sony completely made Utatane Piko:

Did you guys completely forget that Ki/oon Music Inc. was involved in the development of this Vocaloid? I’m not going to deny that Sony Music Entertainment Japan (not the Sony you’re thinking of pikoloid) had a big part in this (Hell, weren’t they the assholes that refused people to upload covers using the trial version?), but Ki/oon was the one that developed the Vocaloid (It’s in the box art for Christ’s sake!). Sony just distributed it.



~somebitchypikofan~ (also a big fan of Utatane Piko)

Yowane Haku vs Kagamine Len

stupidity 072

Here’s the difference between Haku and Len though.

Len was officially recorded by voice actor Asami Shimoda as stated that it took 25 hours (4 work hours) to record all the appends for the Kagamines.

Here are some quotes from Asami.

Shimoda fact, without knowing until just before release, to hear from krypton’s me “is phosphorus and Len” before receiving an interview with a magazine, and “that it was good ‘s not Ken” and I was relieved. At the same time, I think that me “Thats good me Len!”. To initials is L and R, but it is also good sounding sound.

── Why do you do one was to “Len”?

Shimoda anyway I was told for two persons voice. and that want feel that one person is known by different voice.So, you can have me with his personality, which is divided played the voice of the boy’s voice and the girl wanted to Na I was me casting, I I was really happy.

There’s a song called South North Story. It’s by Akuno-P. If you listen carefully, you can figure out that there are two Rins instead of just Rin and Len as stated by Asami herself.

Haku on the other hand, “was originally made as a representation of songs that use Hatsune Miku but ended up sounding awful. In such cases, the makers of that music would then proceed to whine about how their work never received attention and later moved on to whine when criticism stated their work as dull and boring, or was posted quite late when few people were on Nico Nico Douga.”

If I used your logic, then Anon is just a pitched down Kanon, and the Zola boys are just pitched versions of each other.

Yes, Rin and Len do sound alike. However, with one voice actor voicing two characters at the same time, it’s bound to happen.

So I found me another blog.

Here I am, 4:00 P.M., looking shit up on the vocaloid tag on Tumblr, and I stumble upon this.


A Vocaloid trigger warning blog… I already knew that it was a bunch of bullshit from the beginning, but I searched for the tag list, and it’s some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. True, you got your typical warnings like blood, rape, abuse, etc. But most of these are just fucking ridiculous! Here are all of the ridiculous ones.

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