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Apparently, I’ve Haven’t Seen Enough

Apparently, I’ve Haven’t Seen Enough

This is why I hate society, women, and Tumblr.

EDIT (5/24/13): This is the entire fucking blog. The same old shit:

If you’re easily disturbed, don’t click the link. Whatever you do, don’t. You will be horrified.


I’m Fucking Disgusted at This…

I’m Fucking Disgusted at This…

By the URL of the blog, you already know that this person is a misandrist.

But not only is she a misandrist, but she’s also:

  • a bully


  • an attention whore.

No, literally. Just… fucking hell.

Now normally, I don’t exactly approve of call-out journals like this one, but god damn it, someone needs to give this bitch some common sense into her fucking skull.

EDIT (5/21/13): Video reading Tumblr’s community guidelines is now here: