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Non Non Biyori: Episode Three Thoughts


I can’t believe this…

I just can’t…



starting to…

like. This show.

I’m simply shocked. I thought I’d be dropping this by now, but no. It’s just getting better…

What happened?

The episode is about Komachi and Natsumi this time because apparently Komachi wasn’t in enough times as the main character. I think the creator liked her best. I don’t know.

So anyway, it’s the class outing today, so Natsumi and Komachi make rice balls for the class. However, when they get there, the teacher says that they were going to plant rice. Disappointed, the class plants rice except for Natsumi.

While planting rice, Komachi gets stuck in the mud. So Natusmi has to save her. Does she?

Not really since Renge fucks it up accidentally. And both sisters fall into the mud.

Speed up a few days later, the girls’ mother accuses Natsumi of breaking a pot. She denies it, telling her mom that Komachi saw a cat break it instead. Komachi accidentally denies this. So Natsumi and her mother start arguing, and Natsumi and Komachi run away to their secret place. There, Komachi brings back a lot of memories of the last time Natsumi ran away. Natsumi, of course, remembers, and they go home. Their mother, of course, worried about them. And it ends with a big dinner.

Man, what a Monday!

Funny moments, some character development, and a happy ending make this one of the best episodes in the anime so far.

Here’s to another great episode next week!


Miss Monochrome: Episode Four Thoughts


I’m starting to see a pattern with this show, and it looks like this:


And today’s episode was an up.

What’s the story?

Miss Monochrome sees a Kikuo nendoroid and wants to be one as well. Her manager tries to request her to be one, but she wasn’t popular enough. So she makes her own, and all of them were failures.

The next day arrives, and her manager made a nendoroid head for her. But the people mistake her as a mascot. So she ends up in the local mascot fair or something, and I ended up seeing Wooser.


Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life (He’s a cute one.)

Miss Monochrome ends up being a nendoroid, but people just recognize her as a mascot and not an idol.

I thought this show was funny. It gave me some comedic moments and told a decent story with it as well.

Hope to see you guys at the fifth one. And hope it’s not a bad one.

Gingitsune: Episode Three Thoughts


I’d run the fuck away too if I saw those faces when I first woke up.

Man, that ending to this episode was kind of depressing, don’t you think?

But, I digress.

What happened today?

Makoto finds a turtle, so she shows it to Gintaro and her father. But it turns out to be a herald. So Makoto and Gintaro have to find the shrine where the turtle lives (or a shrine where a turtle can live at). So they go on their way to the shrine but happen to meet Yumi and her boyfriend. However, it happens to be in a flea market. So they go to the flea market, but Makoto and Gintaro go to the shrine.

What about Yumi…?


It’s okay to be mad, Yumi.

Two heralds, Righty and Lefty, came out because Gintaro told them to wake up. Makoto asks if the turtle could stay with them. Neither of them have a problem with it. So they put the turtle in the lake in the shrine at return to the flea market. After buying something I assume, she and Gintaro return home, but Makoto seems depressed. She tells him that she’ll be dead before he’ll die.

Damn, that’s kind of sad…

But then it all turns into a happy ending by (I assume) realizing that Makoto should appreciate life.

And that’s it.

I like this episode. It has a good story, some humorous moments, and even a sad moment in the end.

Yeah, I’m staying. 

Nagi no Asukara: Episode Three Thoughts


Well, the beauty of the world is starting to get out my mind when watching this, so let’s get to the content.

  1. Dead mommy.
  2. Don’t know what happened to Akari’s punishment.
  3. Manaka confesses to Tsumugu (Kihara) that the fish on her knee is gone.
  4. A flashback to mommy’s funeral.
  5. Kihara’s grandfather has Ena.
  6. Hikari becomes less of a douche, but punches Akari’s boyfriend.
  7. Two little girls tell Hikari to break his dad up with his girlfriend, who coincidentally is Akari.
  8. Akari cries while hugging her brother.
  9. Hikari questions his life choices.

I’m thinking about staying, but I think the drama will get to me…


Galilei Donna: Episode Two Thoughts


First thing first: Nagi no Asukara will be moved to Fridays Saturdays now.

But, I digress.

This is getting better and better.

What’s the story?

Sylvia and Geshio find the goldfish mecha that Hozuki has built and flown. They were surprised that she figured out the code to get in the basement and build the goldfish using a blueprint. However, it was pretty obvious from the start that she made that. I mean, come on! It was in the opening. How could they have not figured that out?

She goes to get the blueprint when the cops arrive and take her family. Coming back, she bumps into a publishing editor named Anna, and I do have to admit that I kind of do like her.

Anna then tells Hozuki why the cops are trying to kidnap her entire family. That is because they are descendants of Galileo Galilei, a famous scientist. When Hozuki hears that her family is in jail, she gets into another robot she built and goes to the jail to break them free.

Meanwhile, Sylvia was released to see her boss. Her boss asks her where the Galileo Tesoro is at. Sylvia doesn’t tell him, and then… mommy killing.


Meanwhile, Hozuki breaks her sisters’ and her father’s cell and escape. The guards catch them, so Geshio gets in the mecha while Hazuki, Kazuki, and Hozuki get in the goldfish and fly off.

Man, I can’t wait for the next episode!

Beyond the Boundary: Episode Three Thoughts


Fuck it. I give up on this anime.

There are so many plot-holes that it gave me headaches, back pains, minimum scoliosis, the flu, and maybe depression, but I’m not sure so far. I mean, come on! I don’t thing Guilty Crown of all anime has this many plot holes so early!

Also, the characters bug me. Specifically Mirai. No really, who fucking lets a clumsy person like her wield a sword and kill things?!


The humor is also painful to go through. However, that’s not my main issue. My main issue is that it’s so SLOOOOOOOOOW! Most of the time when I watch this, I feel like I’m about to fall asleep from being tranquilized. That’s how slow it is.

I knew I’d be dropping this anime by the third episode, but I didn’t think I’d be correct.

Time to drop.