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Okay. I changed my mind on Kill la Kill. This show is fucking awesome! Ryuko isn’t a Mary-Sue like I ignorantly said last fall. She loses, she gets beaten senseless, she’s a great character. And Mako is really funny.


Pretending You’re Oppressed: The New Internet Fad


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On top blogging sites like Tumblr and Livejournal, the biggest new fandom is no longer anime or evening fantasy drama, but that of “SJ,” a nickname for “social justice,” which refers to discourse on equal rights and how to, essentially, be kind and respectful to all people. As a trans person of color, I have used these platforms as a means of communication, of activism, and a way to maintain my own sanity in one of the rare environments in which I can sometimes feel both safe and totally myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many cases where it’s definitely needed. The recent shooting and death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, who was initially let go on self-defense despite a recording of Martin screaming for his life and well-documented violence and racist comments, would be one of those cases. The still-existing legislation in the…

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Akame ga Kill!: First Impression

There was so much blood in this show, I couldn't show any scene.

There was so much blood in this show, I couldn’t show any scene.

Well, now I know who’s going to win the Tryhard Award this year.

Sweet Jesus was this painful to sit through, and I mean fucking painful! The characters are either one-dimensional or assholes, and I don’t fucking care about them The animation, whild okay, isn’t White Fox’s best, nothing seems to happen until the end, and my fucking God, the humor. Not only is it unfunny, it gets in the way of the most serious moments of the anime.

Overall, fuck this show. The only reason I’m not dropping this show is because I like torturing myself. This is actually depressing since the opening theme song is actually not that bad. Hell, it’s pretty damn good.

I just… I don’t know anymore…

DRAMAtical Murder: First Impression

Well, this was certainly a pain to go through.

What are the good things before I go into the bad?

I’ve got nothing. Let’s get the bad shit out of the way.

First off, the animation, while decent, is really nothing special. The voice acting, while decent as well, seem limited and well… stale. The story makes some sense, but then there these pointless scenes like the protagonist, Aoba, going to his grandmother’s house, and then it cuts to another pointless scene with another main character, Mizuki, doing something that was so pointless that I couldn’t remember it. The characters seem really bland and one of them looks like Piko.

But none of those compare to the biggest problem I have with this show.

The opening theme song.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT was this ear rape, ear sodomy, ear AIDS, and ear gonorrhea at the same time! I was actually wondering who in the living hell was singing this shit! Either way, it’s definitely on the worst anime opening and ending songs list!

So, now that that’s out of the way, what do I think about this show?

Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to hate this show as much as Free!, but nothing really set my hate meter off.

Either way, onto the next episode.

Ao Haru Ride: First Impression

I’m not a big fan of shoujo manga since they tend to be clichéd, but when I sat down and watched this series, I was honestly surprised.

First off, the animation is pretty fluid and unique (considering the fact that Production I.G. is producing this). The artwork I’m not a big fan of, but when the comedy is there, it’s suddenly amazing.

I love this. I wish I could see more comedic faces like this, but I’m getting my hopes too high on this one.

The background fits the tone of the adaptation and looks very pretty. But the overall best part about the show is the fact that the main characters are actually believable.

…for the most part. Yeah, it still has its stupid moments.

And considering the shit I’ve been through yesterday, that’s saying a lot.

Overall, I think this is going off to a great start. I’m definitely sticking around for the second episode.

Sabagebu!: First Impression

We’re off to a great start!

The animation is okay, I don’t give a shit about these characters, the opening theme song is meh, and the humor sucks. Let’s get to the plot of this episode because boy do I have some issues with it.

The story starts with Momoka, our protagonist, riding on a train when an old pervert creeps up on her. Then, another girl, Mio, points two guns at him.

Dear train operators,


Thankfully, Mio gets arrested for possession of firearm on a train. Then the new girl scenario fantasy wet dream arrives and leaves. After school (from what I could remember (I stopped giving a shit.)), Momoka spots Mio and follows her. Little did Momoka know, Mio traps her by hanging her upside down.



So Mio drugs Momoka and takes her inside the Survival Game Club, where they handcuff her (I shit you not.). And then…


They try to force her to join, but thankfully, Momoka refuses.

The next day, Momoka is late for school, and she’s running with a piece of toast in her mouth.

Get used to the shitty cliché jokes, folks. Get fucking used to them.

Then Mio comes in because of course. She eats Momoka’s toast (which is gross and you shouldn’t do that), and they walk to school together. The other classmates catches them, and two of Momoka’s classmates start bullying her. And then we get the montage.

“IT’S NOT THAT TYPE OF ANIME!!!” shouts the anime itself.

And then the bullies get caught. Mio makes them apologize, and then…

Remember, kids! If you’re getting bullied at school, revenge is the answer to everything!

And then Mio drugs Momoka up again and takes her to the club.

If sex was involved, I’d call it rape.

And now the club members are introduced. Since I don’t give a shit about any of them, I’m going to rename them (including Mio and Momoka).

This girl here is Under-aged Kana Hanazawa with tits (even though she’s not voiced by Hanazawa, she just gives off Hanazawa vibes).

This little loli here is Little Loli Bitch.

This gun-waving rapist here is Not Momiji from Binbougami Ga!.

This asshole here is Generic Protagonist.

And this little girl here is… um…

Mukku. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to call her.

After that, they go to a gun store and practice. Not Momiji from Binbougami Ga! and Generic Protagonist’s team wins because Generic Protagonist is pretty much a Mary Sue.

And the episode ends with a public bath because of course it does.

Wow, this was a pain in the ass to watch. I’m really considering dropping this.